Monday, July 17, 2006

First Site in Style of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 principles only constitute one page of text (463 words). The Principles can be purchased here.
Sooner or later the Principles will be open to public. So is it worth to buy them?
Consider this:
– intellectual and competitive advantage can only be gained due to information that belongs to a few;
– by the time the Principles become available to all you will, perhaps, have your own website in style of Web 3.0. Moreover, you will generate your own new ideas based on the Principles;
– each person who buys the Principles will receive a gift of one share.
Knowledge and information are real strength in the modern world., Stock Market and Financial Pyramids is a new innovation service that offered people non-trivial business solutions (link) as well as a new metaphysical paradigm (link). Right after its unveiling it got some critique. A number of critics perceive elements of a financial pyramid in this business structure. Nevertheless, the StartUp arouses steadfast interest among both its followers and skeptics.
Let’s look into this.
Financial pyramid is an organization that sells a certain product (certificates, physical goods or digital codes) and promises to either redeem the product at a higher price after a while or pay the buyer for bringing new members. All money received is entered in the Pyramid Fund. Out of the same Pyramid Fund profit is paid to the members of the pyramid. That is, a member gets money received from new members. If there are no new members the person will lose his/her money.
As for the stock market, companies sell their shares (i.e. a part of the company) there. People buy shares with the expectation of their price going up. After a while people sell their shares to other bidders at a higher price. In other words, at the stock market a person makes profit on new stock market participants! If there are no people interested in buying shares (or shares go down in price), the person will lose his money. At first glance, the principle is the same as one of financial pyramids! So what is the difference?
The thing is that in Pyramids all payments come out of the Pyramid Fund. The Pyramid and its members do not have other sources of income.
Instead, at the stock market money from initial stock issue constitutes income of company owners! First, a stock buyer gets dividends (the company is engaged in business activity and dividends are part of profit received from it), and second, again as a result of the company’s business activity the company value increases.
In other words, a company shareholder actually receives income not from the next buyer – stock market participant – but as a result of real company value growth! In the same way merchants made their living from of old – they bought grain in the fall (when the price of grain is low) and sold it in the spring at a higher price. business scheme works on the principles of the stock market. Neurons of collect revenue from real activity (including advertising). Money received from new project members is not paid to existing Neurons! After the share pool is filled a Neuron can sell his share to any market participant. Share value will be determined by the market according to activity. However, in contrast to ordinary companies, you can take part in activity and influence your share value!

Corporation of a New Level

The world is changing so quickly. An original resource offers new view of a corporation. “Corporation of a new level is a self-developing company model based on the principles of members’ creativity and self-regulation”. According to, every company member should not only be its joint owner but also has to actively develop it. This is the only environment where real ideas can be born and realized. project may also be viewed as a startup incubator.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

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